Clive Palmer’s, Mineralogy Pty Ltd, has lost its second special leave application to the High Court of Australia against the Queensland Court of Appeal decision concerning payment of interest in the proceeding Mineralogy commenced against our good client, BGP Geoexplorer Pte Ltd (Singapore).  In dismissing the special leave application and awarding costs against Mineralogy, the High Court has now closed the final chapter to the litigation in which GRT Lawyers was successful for its client. 

In terms of the debt recovery action, GRT’s client recovered its debt plus interest and costs.  Head of Litigation and GRT Director, Ashley Hill, said that this week’s High Court decision was 100% vindication for BGP’s decision to press its counterclaim against Mineralogy.  He said the resounding victory was also testimony to the efficiency of the Queensland/Australian court system insofar as the entire process was resolved effectively within 3 years notwithstanding that Mineralogy had appealed against nearly every adverse decision all the way to the High Court.  Mr Hill stated that full credit for the victory must go to the barristers, Mr James Bell QC and Mr Tom Pincus of Counsel, in addition to his own litigation team who had worked tirelessly to achieve the result.