At GRT Lawyers, we are prepared to guarantee global service standards and corporate outcomes.

Our globally focussed professional advisory team creates a strong international network to deliver important and valuable outcomes for our clients. Working with GRT allows you access to our unique insights and wealth of global knowledge and experience. We offer the highest quality service – across all market verticals.

The GRT approach is simple: we invest in our clients, grow their business and protect their assets.


We excel in complex transactions.

If an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is on your corporate horizon, engage GRT to ensure you do everything that is required commercially and legally to achieve the most successful IPO outcome.

With expertise across the entire spectrum of structures and decision making, GRT is here to assist you when it matters. Also, the knowledge and expertise of our Corporate Advisory Team gives them the unique ability to handle the most complex corporate matters and transactions.

We help clients assess strategic options to:

  • grow by acquisition;
  • defuse large disputes;
  • fund organic growth; and
  • strengthen balance sheets through divestment.

GRT is focused on excellence and the delivery of the highest quality of professional services.


Capital markets play an important role in driving the value of your business. GRT guides its clients through transactions from the simplest to the most complex. The goal is to complete the capital raising (equity or debt) efficiently and successfully.

Balancing your capital needs with shareholder and market expectations, against a back drop of disclosure obligations and pricing tensions can be complex. Our team has the experience to effectively structure your capital raising and smoothly guide you through the process to deliver a successful and efficient raising.

Whether it be, an IPO, placement, rights issue (traditional or non-traditional) or any other equity or debt raising, GRT is your business partner in these important capital raising transactions.


Our reputation is built on advising global companies on their successful IPO or secondary listing. We have listing experience with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx), Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM), Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), Botswana Stock Exchange (BSX) and National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX).


Mergers, acquisitions or divestments can realise a significant amount of shareholder value if they are properly structured and implemented. Our highly experienced team enables clients to make the right decisions before, during and after any merger, acquisition or divestment.


GRT’s takeover experience puts us in a unique position to guide boards and executives successfully through any type of takeover – be it friendly or hostile.


“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”: sophisticated business owners know that disputes in the course of commerce are often unavoidable. As such, investment protection becomes part of the planning and exit strategy of any business enterprise and not an afterthought.

The GRT Dispute Resolution team works closely with our transactional colleagues, always looking at prudent measures to prevent, defuse and respond to potentially contentious issues and/or disputes. The Dispute Resolution practice operates at the cutting edge of contentious corporate and commercial disputes in a multitude of industries. Whether it is international commercial arbitration, court litigation or alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, the GRT team has the skills, experience and resources to deal with the most complex of issues wherever in the world it arises.

Practice area specialities include:

  • national and international commercial litigation
  • takeover and merger litigation
  • complex commercial and securities litigation
  • white collar and contentious regulatory matters
  • cross-border dispute management
  • international commercial arbitration
  • class action defence
  • insurance disputes including professional indemnity, D&O claims and business interruption, and
  • competition and consumer law claims

The GRT Dispute Resolution team has specialised in commercial and corporate dispute matters across 6 continents and in common law and civil law jurisdictions.


Our services cover the entire corporate governance, financial regulation and financial crime compliance spectrum, including: • Strategy and business development advice and design; 

  •  Governance/Risk/Compliance framework reviews and updates (including corporate governance/, risk management and financial crime compliance framework audits and updates, coupled with the development and delivery of new or updated frameworks, systems, controls, policies and procedures);
  • Financial product design and distribution advice for new (and existing) financial products (e.g. to comply with regulatory change in this area);
  • Financial licensing advice, applications and exemptions (e.g. for AFSL and ACL holders or applications for such licences; particularly in relation to novel business structures and products);
  • Corporate Governance and Prudential applications, issues and compliance (e.g. accountability maps, policies and procedures arising out of BEAR, reviews and updates to performance and remuneration frameworks to comply with existing (and future) standards and obligations);
  • Investigation management, announcement and response advice and co-ordination (including ASX announcements and stakeholder management), design and delivery of remediation programs;
  • Formal legal representation in response to the exercise of compulsory powers (e.g. compulsory examinations and notices), administrative action, and the full suite of regulatory action including litigation management;
  • Effective regulator liaison and negotiation with federal financial regulators including ASIC, APRA, AUSTRAC, ASX and other regulators as necessary; and
  • Specialised training for members of the board, executive, and across the business in relation to culture, conduct, compliance obligations, practices, procedures, consequences and liabilities.