Companies must comply by 30 September 2022

Who should read this?
Anybody responsible for liaising with ASX on behalf of a listed entity.

What is new?
In 2019 the ASX announced intended changes to the Listing Rules with respect to enhanced requirements for parties communicating with the ASX on behalf of listed entities. These requirements are now in force.

Listing Rule 1.1 Condition 13, and Listing Rule 12.6 will now require the person who is appointed to be responsible for communications with ASX in relation to listing rule matters, to have completed an approved listing rule compliance course and attained a satisfactory pass mark in the examination for that course.

The course is free, and accessible through the ASX website at: ASX Listing Rules Compliance Course

To assist entities to transition to the new regime, ASX will apply a ‘grace period’ between 1 July and 30 September 2022.
Need help with compliance?
While the course required for compliance with the ASX listing rules is available through the ASX, GRT Lawyers also partners with the Governance Institute of Australia to deliver advanced ASX education and compliance training to company secretaries, governance leaders and risk managers to Australian companies.

Contact Glenn Vassallo (Managing Director), Scott Standen (Director) if you would like advice or assistance regarding these requirements.