On 1 December 2019, the changes to the ASX Listing Rules came into effect. As part of GRT Lawyers’ ASX Listing Rules Series, our first update focuses on market announcements and the compliance course requirements.

Market announcements must:

  • include, or be sent with a covering letter that includes, entity’s name, address and corporate logo (unless a form prescribed by the Listing Rules or an Australian law is used)
  • identify the title of body, or name and title of officer, who authorised document to be given to ASX
  • if it is a Listing Rule 3.1 announcement, include name, title and contact details of person who shareholder or other interested parties can contact if they have any queries

Compliance Courses for Person Responsible for ASX Communications

From 1 July 2020, new appointments by an entity of the person responsible for communicating with the ASX requires the appointed individual to have first completed an education course and undertaken an examination approved by the ASX. This requirement does not apply for persons currently in this role in an existing ASX listed company.

GRT Lawyers will continue to provide updates in our ASX Listing Rules Series.

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